Journal of Manuscripts & Libraries for Specialized Research (JMLSR)

About the Journal :

The International Journal of Manuscripts & Libraries for Specialized Research, published quarterly on behalf of the Scientific Institute of Advanced Training and Studies is a referred scientific journal, which is supervised by a group of scholars who are specialized in heritage, museums, and library studies in the Arab and international universities.

The objectives of this journal are: – To spot light on our memorable history to inspire a brighter future; – To stimulate the minds of researchers and adorers of heritage; -To exert efforts for the purpose of mobilizing skills and capacities in gathering various cultural, thoughtful, and heritage backgrounds; -To interact with the important aspects of our bountiful heritage, by and with which we live and move forward to the achievement of innovation, invention & development; -To fight alienation of relations with heritage; – To interact with masterworks of heritage to dedicate them to researchers to serve as a platform for achieving development.

The journal seeks to promote technical and educational services in view of international standards through distinguished and specialized qualifications, use of modern technology, loyalty and devotion to work, and achieving excellence to provide researchers and students with the best services. This will create a professional encouraging environment for the excellent creative ideas and talents who are committed to team work values, spirit of respect, authenticity of vision, and excellence in objectives.

The journal concerns with public intellectuals, persons interested in heritage and manuscripts, text editors, graduate researchers, researchers of manuscripts, librarians and information centres, in support of being a pioneer journal that seeks to make heritage a deep rooted science, art, entertainment, and education within an attractive framework of knowledge, as a leading journal in the field of heritage, documentations, and manuscripts studies at the national and international levels. Furthermore, the journal publishes authentic and distinguished scientific, technical and applied researches in an attempt to become a significant and added value journal in the field of electronic media, which takes advantage of the valuable components of manuscripts to regain its original beauty and the identity of Arabs and Muslims since they represent national, historical, ideological identities. In addition to this, manuscripts are regarded as a source of pride of the heritage left by our parents and ancestors including sciences, cultures, knowledge, and arts.


The store of archives, in the Islamic and Arabic worlds and in the Non-Islamic eastern and western countries, is still full of an enough number of the precious archives – unknown by title or author – in various fields of knowledge. The most important of these archives have a relationship with the Holy Quran sciences such as tafsir, abrogater and abrogated, recitations, peers, countenances, cohesion, similarities, tajweed, reciter’s translations, Quran drawing, its proverbs, stories and other Quran sciences by which its utility  was hindered by the ambiguous title or author. However, the professional researcher in culture and archives can notice really that Legal researches google engines assist to research the texts of many books in a specific time which helped to explore a large number of unknown archives.

This standard speed in offering the search results gain a critical significance from three aspects: 1) discovering the largest possible number of unknown archives in a standard time, 2) the offer of scientific materials to deduce the problem of topics scarcity in the field of post graduate studies – Master and PhD and 3) a serious additional to the culture library.

The computer technology and related search engines offer in this era a field to search in a numerous texts that weren’t accessible for the previous generations which is considered a favor of Allah on the Islamic nation from one side and on the cultural family in all specifications from the other side including the Quran science at the top.

This research explores the terms of dealing with search engines and how to utilize them to discover the unknown archives in a standard time. It also presents a sample

 of the archives in Quran sciences, Tafsir and recitations of which their authors and titles were declared.