Journal of Manuscripts & Libraries for Specialized Research (JMLSR)

About the Journal :

The International Journal of Manuscripts & Libraries for Specialized Research, published quarterly on behalf of the Scientific Institute of Advanced Training and Studies is a referred scientific journal, which is supervised by a group of scholars who are specialized in heritage, museums, and library studies in the Arab and international universities.

The objectives of this journal are: – To spot light on our memorable history to inspire a brighter future; – To stimulate the minds of researchers and adorers of heritage; -To exert efforts for the purpose of mobilizing skills and capacities in gathering various cultural, thoughtful, and heritage backgrounds; -To interact with the important aspects of our bountiful heritage, by and with which we live and move forward to the achievement of innovation, invention & development; -To fight alienation of relations with heritage; – To interact with masterworks of heritage to dedicate them to researchers to serve as a platform for achieving development.

The journal seeks to promote technical and educational services in view of international standards through distinguished and specialized qualifications, use of modern technology, loyalty and devotion to work, and achieving excellence to provide researchers and students with the best services. This will create a professional encouraging environment for the excellent creative ideas and talents who are committed to team work values, spirit of respect, authenticity of vision, and excellence in objectives.

The journal concerns with public intellectuals, persons interested in heritage and manuscripts, text editors, graduate researchers, researchers of manuscripts, librarians and information centres, in support of being a pioneer journal that seeks to make heritage a deep rooted science, art, entertainment, and education within an attractive framework of knowledge, as a leading journal in the field of heritage, documentations, and manuscripts studies at the national and international levels. Furthermore, the journal publishes authentic and distinguished scientific, technical and applied researches in an attempt to become a significant and added value journal in the field of electronic media, which takes advantage of the valuable components of manuscripts to regain its original beauty and the identity of Arabs and Muslims since they represent national, historical, ideological identities. In addition to this, manuscripts are regarded as a source of pride of the heritage left by our parents and ancestors including sciences, cultures, knowledge, and arts.


The Islamic arts, in general, and the decoration art, in particular, pay much heed to imitating the visual images pertinent to perfection and symbolism in light of the techniques of the sublime controversy. Such gives diversity of styles and performance that lend symbolism with a sense of spirituality and Quranic , linguistic and philosophical concepts to the Islamic products , the decoration art in specificity , of texts Quranic , prophetic, theological and literary relies on the beauties of symbolism, structure , gold enameling and tinting the cover and the pages of a manuscript.
Certain Islamic manuscripts and historical documents take shape of some factors of decoration ; plant, geometry, writing, variety that are as a part of the spiritual doctrine of a Muslim as found on the honest Quran and books religious, theological, scientific , educational and historical and so forth.
Consequently, it is found that the importance of the current study lurks in the rarity of the literary, critical and research papers in such an orbit ; the beauties of the first visual introductions of a manuscript , Islamic or religious, theological , literary or historical , give importance to the technical, performative and artistic vantage point. Besides, it is regarded that one exposes a manuscript culls a merit, yet the current paper is of prominence in shedding light on manuscripts in an academic study none has ever tackled before.
Thus the study endeavours to stern the prow of attention to certain systems of first decorative introductions of the Holy Al-`Abbas Shrine manuscripts in the span of

520-1244 whose systems hold principles and rudiments of the decorative design targeting to form a conceptual decorative unit with abstract shapes dependent on rules and certain formulae taken from geographical environment to cast the elegance of parallelism, allusion, conformity and angles of symbolism. Moreover, there will be a literature of decoration in the Islamic arts, its tenets and the main pillars of its foundations in light of the holy Al-`Abbas shrine library as having antiques, manuscripts, scientifically historical categorized documents as unpublished and the achievements, the development programs and the projects of the holy Al-`Abbas Shrine pertinent to thought, academic studies and the humanist heritage